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Established in Ghana by two great giant sisters, Chelsea Eshun and Nicole Eshun to produce and manufacture skincare products to enhance skin growth and glow. Fast forward, Nickchels skincare has been able to establish itself on the Ghanaian market in the skincare and cosmetic industry through the production of quality and great offers on the market to beat competitors.

Nickchels Skincare is a Ghanaian skin production company founded in Ghana to provide superior range of high and organic skin care products in Africa for the past 2 years. Nickchels

Skincare has its operation in Accra, Takoradi and Kumasi in Ghana, West Africa. The company is looking forward to expand further in other parts of Ghana and Africa.
Nickchels skincare exports and deliver its products across Ghana, Africa and out of Africa as well.

Nickchels skincare products brings you the best of international standard products. All our products are approved by the Food and Drugs Board Authority of Ghana.


To keep skin glowing
To enhance beauty
To promote organic products


Our vision is to become the largest and biggest skincare manufacturing company in the cosmetic industry with large supply and export distribution in and out of Ghana and Africa.
Our vision as well is to make sure Nickchels Skincare products are found in every household.
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