Excess Glow Facial Wash


  • Nickchels Excess Glow Facial Wash is one of our luxurious products it contains properties that help fight sun-burn acne and pimples lighten blemishes and moisturize the skin. This multivitamin wash helps in removing impurities dirt and excess oil from the skin giving you a naturally glowing skin tone. It contains minute scrub particles that can efficiently remove excess sebum and prevent skin imperfections it is a great addition to your everyday skincare regimen.INGREDIENTS

    This product is manufactured and made of avocado, salicylic acid, amino acid, Vitamin A, C, and B12 and minerals


Excess glow facial wash thoroughly cleanses your skin and helps to clear away impurities and oil. With its Vitamin B12 and minerals, it instantly refreshes your skin while protecting the skins natural barrier. It also reduces redness relieve the feeling of tightness and combat dry areas as well.



  1. Use lukewarm water to pre-wet your face
  2. Use the right amount of face wash (apply gently to wet face)
  3. Massage in a small circular motion (avoid the eyes)
  4. Rinse


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