Nickchel’s Facial Scrub


  • Nickchels facial scrub improves face tone and texture every day. It removes dead skin cells, dirt and oil build up on the surface of the face which can leave it looking dull and dry a gentle facial exfoliating remove this build-up revealing newer and fresher smoother and healthy-looking skin. Please note that this product is used externally only and avoid the eyes and mouth. 


    It contains jojoba, olive oil almond and essential oils.



It is formulated to repair the skin by rejuvenating the face, reducing acne, breakouts and gives the face a spot free and flawless glow.



  1. Scrub the face twice a week for a radian looking glow
  2. Use warm water to wash your face to ensure there are no dirt on the skin
  3. Massage your face gently with the facial scrub in a circular motion for one minute
  4. Take a dab of the scrub and massage it all over your face and neck (careful not to rub too hard) be sure that you’re not over scrubbing or leaving the scrub on your face for too long
  5. Rinse the scrub off your face (when you rinse all of it off your skin will feel very smooth and soft)


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