Vitamin C Serum


Vitamin C Serum is touted as one of the best anti-ageing ingredients. It is infused with active properties to help reduce dark spot, brighten skin and fights the signs of ageing Vitamin C. This product helps produce collagen which keeps the skin firm and reduces the appearance of wrinkles, protects the skin from sun damage and dark spots for a brighter glowing skin.



This product contacts active ingredients like konjac roots, Vitamin E, folic acid and hyaluronic acid.



The main purpose of this product is to maintain a smooth even, glowing complexion. Its hydrating effect on the skin decreases trans epidermal, water loss allowing the skin to better and retain moisture. It’s anti-ageing and detox allowing the skin to have a brightening glow and smoothens the skin’s surface to reduce dullness for a youthful glow.



  1. Take a few drops in the palms of your hand and massage gently into the skin of your face and neck with your fingertips
  2. This can be done once or twice daily


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